SideBySide SdaaS Concept- Supporting your holistic well-being

SideBySide is an open collaborative network that brings together diverse organisations and craftspeople, with a win-win approach and respect for human dignity.

Our SBS family community combines unity, entrepreneurial education, results-oriented development and fair business internationally.

 (SideBySide Ltd Tz, SideBySide Ry, Fin)

At the core of SideBySide’s values is the holistic well-being (mental and physical) of artisans, empowering artisans to be self-sufficient and accessing global markets as independent entrepreneurs and workers.

Partner companies and contract manufacturing partners commit to SideBySide’s values by ordering responsibly produced ecological product lines and organic food products for retail and business gifts through our company. Our artisans receive the training they need to ensure high quality products from our contract manufacturing partners.

Your organisation will receive the SideBySide brand for marketing, communication and your company’s sustainability report.

The stories and transparency of our artisans ensure a fair business model where we co-create a world of equality, where we respect each other and create prosperity for every soul.

Join the SideBySide family community to bring hope, light and self-sufficiency to the future!

-Be the light what you are- 

Kind regards,

SideBySide Team,

 Katja Kokkoniemi and Jama Moalin