SideBySide empowers women in African rural areas

SBS offers the opportunities of entering the global markets and search for business partners to African women. We conduct professional training of women and develop their business skills.

SBS has being operating in Tanzania for 4 years. Over that time, we have taught 500 women enabling them to make their products for dealers in different countries. Our business is based on the win-win principle.

We are committed to looking for partners who are willing to invest in a socially responsible business. It will help to improve the living standards of the society. With education, we will enable women to become financially independent thanks to their own labor, not charity.

We are scaling up production in Tanzania and are going to operate in Namibia. Our ultimate goal is to expand SideBySide business model to different African countries. For this purpose, we keep close cooperation with local partners. All our products is and will be ecological.

SideBySide’s vision is to combine different cultures and reduce barriers among people.

If you join to the SideBySide network then you will be able to influence the product design. We also provide turnkey support. Membership in our network will enable you to use the SideBySide brand for your marketing goals. We operate in a mobile environment; we communicate quickly and flexibly.

At the moment our business model is targeting home interior items. In the future, we plan to expand production and services in other fields.

Katja Kokkoniemi, CEO

Invest in sustainable development, responsible business and empowering of women!
Please discuss your potential support with SideBySide!

Katja Kokkoniemi
tel. +358 40 770 3526

We are sincerely grateful to SideBySide’s responsible sponsors for involvement in creating a better world, for support to inter-cultural cooperation on the win-win principles and for enabling each craftswoman to be trained and employed in her native country: