Fair Play Business!

We employ and empower women in Africa, while improving their professionalism and business skills, including, mentorship in theater workshops. Women make handiwork for our resellers in different countries, receiving fair pay and gaining financial independence. They become able to support their families. Later on, they have an opportunity to start their own business if they wish. We are also willing to provide access to global markets for these women.

SideBySide imports design and handiwork from different cultures for our resellers. It is our business model. Our work also involves training that is our added value.

We provide turnkey solutions for resellers in Northern Europe, Russia, China and other countries. The resellers can also contribute to training and product design.

We offer off-the-shelf solutions for resellers. With the help of SideBySide it is easy to show your corporate responsibility. And we certainly want to build a community where private citizens can also make ethical choices.

Ethical cooperation

SideBySide is an open collaboration network based on ethical and environmental values. The SideBySide Brand means win-win principles and fairness. We strengthen the equality and social status of women. By choosing SideBySide, you will support women and their families in developing countries. They will be able to study and work in their homeland directly, without intermediaries. Make the ethically correct choices. Give a boost to colorful, organic and consistent designs.

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